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Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Southwest Greensburg, PA

Maitri Medicinals is the new Southwest Greensburg medical marijuana dispensary that has opened its doors to medical marijuana patients who are in need of cannabis products.

They cultivate, produce, and dispense quality medical marijuana products to patients in Pennsylvania who are suffering from chronic and debilitating medical conditions.

Location of the Dispensary

The newest Maitri Medicinals medical marijuana dispensary opened in a strip mall located at 1075 S. Main St., near the intersection of Route 30 and Route 119.

Words From the CEO

Jimil Wilson, the CEO of Maitri Medicinals said, “we are proud to further our commitment to serving cannabis patients throughout the state with the opening of our newest dispensary. The timing could not be better, as Maitri celebrates three years of providing the Pennsylvania medical cannabis community with a diverse selection of high-quality medical cannabis.”

He also talked about how he believed that the new dispensary will help serve patients more efficiently, and how patients would be able to get in and out more quickly than in some other locations.

The Medical Marijuana Industry in Pennsylvania

Since 2018, Pennsylvania has experienced a surge in the medical marijuana industry. MMJ products are available for medical marijuana patients across the state.

These were patients with chronic and debilitating medical conditions who had found comfort in using medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana patients can access medical marijuana from a dispensary of their choice as long as they have a condition certified by a state-licensed physician.

They are likewise required to register for a medical marijuana card which they can use to purchase medical marijuana products from registered dispensaries in their location or anywhere in the state.

Today, medical marijuana dispensaries are serving more than 633,000 registered patients and caregivers across Pennsylvania. They have been accumulating a reported $3.4 billion in sales in August 2021, as reported by the Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Advisory Board.

In Western Pennsylvania, where the new dispensary will be opened, there are several existing dispensaries. These are:

  • Beyond/Hello in Irwin
  • Delta 9 PA in Greensburg
  • The Rise Dispensary in Unity
  • Sunnyside Medical Cannabis Dispensary in New Kensington

Opening the New Dispensary in Maitri

CEO Wilson said that with the opening of the dispensary, “Maitri officials had to work with state and local officials to get approvals to open the dispensary”. The State had to make a visit to the facility for a final review before it opened.

This, he said, was to ensure that Maitri Medicinals’ medical marijuana dispensary is meeting requirements related to security and other regulations. There were no comments heard from officials in Southwest Greensburg regarding this.

New Jobs for Southwest Greensburg

The opening of the Maitri Medicinals Southwest Greensburg medical marijuana dispensary is expected to create about 20 jobs.

Wilson said that they prefer to hire local citizens with this comment, “If you look at all of our other dispensaries, we hire folks from the local community, which has been very beneficial for us in the past.”

Words From the Medical Director

Terri Kroh, the medical director of the Maitri medicinals Southwest Greensburg medical marijuana dispensary believes that medical marijuana can be beneficial.

She said, “It is very rewarding. You see so many lives changed, individuals that came in that really were in so much pain they couldn’t walk, and then two weeks later they come back, and they’re kicking their canes up in the air. It’s amazing.”

Other Maitri Medicinals Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

The newly opened dispensary in Southwest Greensburg is not the first of the Maitri Medicinals dispensaries. It is the third medical marijuana dispensary opened by the company.

Other locations of their dispensaries are in the Pittsburgh East Liberty neighborhood and in Uniontown, Fayette County.

Prior to the Opening

While waiting for the approval of the state, Maitri Medicinals invited community members and local politicians to visit the facility before products are brought inside and before patients come in to purchase them.

There was a ribbon-cutting ceremony that took place after the tours together with members of the Westmoreland County Chamber of Commerce.

Navigating the Dispensary

When medical marijuana patients come to purchase medical cannabis products, they will go through this process:

  • Patients will have to show their identification before they are buzzed into a reception area.
  • From the reception area, they will be directed to another room where they can work with Maitri employees to place an order, or they can place an order on a kiosk and tablet located in the building.
  • A consultation room is available for patients who want to speak with a pharmacist about different strains and products. On-staff pharmacists during operating hours will be available to give advice and provide education for patients with questions regarding the use of medical marijuana.
  • When picking up an order through curbside pickup or inside the building, tips about the product will be given.

Jenna Parker, vice president of retail operations, said that the whole process is expected to take about 8 minutes.

The new dispensary allows products coming into the facility to be brought in through a garage door in the back. These products will be sorted and stored in a vault, with the orders taken in by employees of Maitri Medicinals.

Looking Forward to Serving Patients

Wilson expressed their eagerness to serve patients in Westmoreland County as they open a Southwest Greensburg medical marijuana dispensary.

Their pharmacists aim to work with patients to determine the best strain for each patient’s medical diagnosis, according to Marisa Maraugha, a wholesale marketing representative of Maitri Medicinals.

The company grows its own medical marijuana plants at its Pittsburgh location under Maitri Genetics. They develop each cannabis product alongside pharmacists who review the labs for each plant.

Medical director Kroh sums up how the Southwest Greensburg medical marijuana dispensary will serve patients with this thought: “We really just help patients (by listening) compassionately to their symptoms and the issues they’re having and the treatment goals that they’re trying to obtain, and then walk them through kind of a 101 on medical marijuana, how it works in the body, what strains and what terpenes might be best for the individual and then help them choose a proper formulation that they feel most comfortable with.”

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